Delta Heating Air Con

DELTA HEATING AIR CONDITIONING Ltd is the dedicated subsidiary of the DELTA TECHNIKI Group of Companies. Already since the 80’s, DELTA TECHNIKI has promoted effectively the use of heat pumps, exploiting the free energy content of the atmospheric air. Today, the Company provides all the necessary equipment, studies-design and technical knowhow for the realisation of Modern Air Conditioning systems, Renewable Energy Generation or Energy Saving projects, mainly in the building sector.

The activities of the Company in the sector of Air Conditioning cover the entire spectra of studies-design for central or semicentral systems, trading of the basic and auxiliary equipment and proposing solutions oriented towards energy efficiency for all sizes and types of installations in hotels, shopping centers, factories, offices, hospitals, residential or commercial spaces.

Since 1992, DELTA HEATING AIR CONDITIONING is also active in ground source heat pump applications. Maintaining close cooperation with globally leading manufacturing firms of such systems, we provide water-water and water-air heat pumps particularly suitable for exploiting the thermal characteristics of the soil, just a couple of meters under our feet.

In all of the above sectors, our company imports and installs high quality equipment from reliable manufacturers in Europe, USA and South-East Asia.

Emphasis lies on customer service and total satisfaction, even after-sales. Proof of our special attention towards customers is the fact that not only privateers but also professionals of the field, like engineers, architects and installers choose to cooperate with DELTA HEATING AIR CON.

Moreover, the company is certified for trading, installing and providing technical support according to quality assurance ISO 9001 standard.

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